Photoshop kolam

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I made this design in photo shop.this is free hand design.

Rangoli: Photoshop kolam


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ரொம்ப நல்ல கைவேலை ,மவுஸ் நல்லா வெளையாடிருக்கு ரோஸ் கலர் பேப்பர் மேலே.
கீழேயும் வலபக்கமும் கிராப் பண்ண மறந்து போச்சா?


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மறந்து போல ராஜம் ,இடப்பற்றாக் குறைதான் காரணம்.

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Nice work... the free hand design has come out well...

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Thank you vincy

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very nice free hand design .....looks different....

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Baley Subashini lovely freehand design Smile

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wow subashini mam such a neat kolam on photoshop

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thank you lakshmi and jude.

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Very beautiful Subhashini. Background texture is really good. red and blue tiles are palichhh....

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very nice kolam.

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Photoshop karaichi kuduchi mudichachu! And, now, we want something else, some other variety please Smile

(You're an expert in Photoshop alright! How about treating us to something other than that from now onwards? )

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உங்க புது வீட்டு drawing room சுவர்-ன்னு நினச்சேன், Subashini!

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Subashiniji, very beautiful photoshop kolam-Indira

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Subashini maam this design looks very nice