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About periwinkle:

I drew the rangoli and my sister colored the rangoli.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: periwinkle


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very nice how many dots

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nice kolam and d shadings inside r also nice...

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Shading looks pretty

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Drawing as well as coloring are nice. Sisters have done a good job. cute butterflies.

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very nice and very beautiful color combination

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Kolam looks beautiful and the colour combination is nice but the coloured hands need practice Smile (Both of them are my sis and my sister's 4 year old kid also accompanied her in colouring Smile )

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Thanks for positive comments on coloring and shading. I was inspired by people like you to do this alangolam of my sister's pretty kolam. It is my 4 yrs old daughter who is more interested in kolam than me. I did this for her.

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Thanks for the multicoloured flowers. Nice strokes and shading.

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Wow, nice shading of the flowers.

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thanks for all comments. this is 13 to 7 sanduppulli.

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Indu maam nice shading of the flowers and pretty kolam but I think the perwinkle is a 5 petal flower (I may be wrong, at least the one I have at my place is a 5 petal flower) yet this kolam is fabulous

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good one, twrilly flowers looking great

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dual shaded flowers looks very beautiful the curves are so perfect.. the leaves and butterflies looks very nice.

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Beautiful butterflies attracted to more beautiful flowers, good work!

Regards! - mOhana

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very nice and beautiful shading. thanks for sharing.

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Beautiful double shaded flowers (except for the centre one).. Very neatly done Smile