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About Periwinkle : PRINT

Periwinkle is actually a colour in the blue-violet family. It is a medicinal herb used in treating cancer, diabetes etc.

Rangoli: Periwinkle


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like a photo print

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lovelyfree hand drawing mam....

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Thanks latha and Ammuchandini

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Wow beautiful.

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I've seen only pink ans white of this!

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Wow! lovely colourful flowers..

judelined's picture - oodha colour - blue colour,1241057006,1/stock-photo-a-set-of-beautiful-white-periwinkle-flowers-29401603.jpg - white colour - purple colour - the usual pink colour - dark pink?? - majenta colour

Thank you Brindha - because of you I looked and discovered so many colours in this flower. Actually all the colours you have put above actually exist - very very pretty bouquet of periwinkle Smile

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wow really very very nice.

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The pink and white we have seen in plenty, the other colors are rare. Since its medicinal value is more ,it is so thoughtful of you Brindha to bring it in ikolam garden.As usual ur drawing nd coloring are super.

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Very very beautiful Brindhaji...Looks like real flowers..-Indira

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looks pretty.thanks for sharing.

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தோட்டத்தை மேலும் அழகு சேர்க்கும் இந்த மலர்கள், கண்ணையும் கருத்தையும் கவர்கிறது ..

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Periwinkles come in many colours. These are good. Will look nice on pillowcases.

Regards! - mOhana

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Brindha maam as usual wonderful work by you... lovely shading