Peacock rangoli

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chennai - india

Hi friends.....after a short break i am submitting this peacock in my style Smile ......i enjoy all kolams but due to time constraint no submission Smile....hope you all like this Smile


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what a wonderful

what a wonderful peacock....very very beautiful...

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Wonderful creation!!!

Wonderful creation!!!

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Wow....Handsome peacock in

Wow....Handsome peacock in pure white Suguna. Nice creativity. Star Smile


Wow awesome white peacock

Wow awesome white peacock sugu dear... U did it simply with ur hands... Hats off to u dear... Star Star Star Star Star Smile

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Hello handsome, I've a peahen

Hello handsome, I've a peahen waiting in my house...want to buy her a drink? Just kidding. Laughing out loud

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Lol Laughing out loud

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No no no....oh my single

No no no....oh my single handsome peacock! I wanted this to be so special and separate Suguna! Why did you release it so soon. Somebody hand me a tissue to wipe my tears.... Puzzled Big smile
Suguna, I just posted the instructions to upload for it. I mean, the peacocks will not be published instantly. We need to separate them and publish them together so they land in a separate single page. Instant option is not helping so much with the theme rangolis. Smile

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Oh lata sorry.....i didn't

Oh lata sorry.....i didn't notice the peacock models option for upload Sad .....please lock it this peacock parents are here ....i have no time .....time irunthaa innonu pottu upload panren Smile

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Lovely peacock suguna.

Lovely peacock suguna. beautiful

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lovely white beauty,,, looks

lovely white beauty,,, looks novel Smile

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very beautiful peacock.It

very beautiful peacock.It looks like a greeting card. Smile very nice free hand desgine.

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Wah...feel great now

Wah...feel great now sugu....seems like this peacock is smiling at me...superb effort Smile

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thank you rani

thank you rani Smile