PC rangoli 3

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About PC rangoli 3:

This is my MS paint kolam . how is it my friends, your views please.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: PC rangoli 3


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pretty stars sudhaji and sponge dabbs gives a different look.

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Anirudh, thanks for the comments and please feel free to call me sudha no ji ji or maam please.

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nice try at ms paint sudha mam very attractive

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Wow!, Sudha, the colours are so bright, espcially the green round in the outer design enhances the beauty of the kolam, i will call you next week, teach me how to draw like this!

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Sudha maam nice arrangement of stars to form a cute pattern

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Texture and color of the kolam looks intresting Suda

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nice how many dots

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very nice and color combination

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Nicely done. When you can done such beautiful work with real rangOli powder, why do you resort to PC?

Regards! - mOhana

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Looks good Sudha. Some more attention could have been given to the alignment of the triangles in the stars (make sure the top triangle is on a straight line with the bottom one). And yes, the dabs look nice, like spray paint. Smile

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That looks good with pretty colors sudha. Very pleasing.

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nice kolam with bright colors.

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it looks very nice....i like the blue/pink combination..keep it up

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bright blue beauty.......-Indira

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Sudha u have proved that u can do rangolis with real powder. I think just to show others that u r capable of handling computer also for grawing kolams u have done this.Like mOhana Sir i also want u for reality show!

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So Sudha is ready for 10 demos at the bangalore meet ah?? Lovely work Smile

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Amazing kolam nice colours.