Patterns of OM - 2

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This is the second in the series of OM. On the left, we have the dots coming together and on the right we have the dEvanAgari u coming together. Enjoy! hari OM - mOhana

Rangoli: Patterns of OM - 2


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Excellent Patterns, JKMji.... The Pattern on the right, also has the shape of Aishwarya KOlam, I suppose....

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mOhanaji, just wondering - are there any more or is that all? Smile
The om patterns keep going and going and going pretty much like the bunny-batteries. Smile
In fact, we are now reminded of more things looking at these designs. I am thinking of the letter "oo" in hindi, as in oon - meaning wool. I mean, the oo part was already there in Om, but now, it is kind of separated, and so, I think one could see the oo part by itself.

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Oh no, I think I wrote my comment without paying attention to your description. Sorry. I tend to do that sometimes. Smile

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mOhanaji beautiful patterns.... i think no limits for ur thought hats off to u..i like the 1st design.

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The second design is very pretty JKM - the centre flowers remind me of jelabis.....