Party time Ladies - Guess the differences :)

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About Party time Ladies - Guess the differences :): - This kolam of Lata's inspired me to experiment in my own way on photoshop and her is what I have finally arrived at. Let's see how many changes you can spot between the two kolams. Same dots (intermediate 15-8), only slightly different design. I am really in the party mood for sure Blum 3

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Party time Ladies  - Guess the differences :)


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Very beautifully done Judy. Members can open separate windows in the browser to put both kolams next to each other, to see the differences. This is the least time consuming way than me having to put both images next to each other in another file. Smile

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I have noted a few differences, but posting it right away would not be fair to others, since I have had the advantage of enjoying this image much earlier than them. So, I'll just enjoy others finding the differences. Smile

I'm sure at the end of the game there would be nothing left for me to point out that wasn't covered by all. Smile

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wow, pretty, beautifully done, nice shadings for the dress, definitely party wear Smile ...head hair looks like those old movie heronies especially like that of Sharmila Tagore Smile

Dress coloring
bindis on forehead
flowers are connected to the hands
the dancing legs seen.

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judy i think u r in d mood for dancing at our meet welcome welcome

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Judy maam beautifully done dancing girls. Lovely color and texture used for the dresses and cute plaits. I guess Anirudh covered most of the differences, I cant seem to see anything else...

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Beautifully and colourfully done Judy Madam.

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Judy, it has come out very nice. I think you can be a dress material manufacturer, as the girls dress material is of different textures and patterns. But not a good hair stylist, its very old hair style.

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hi, judy mind blowing, hats off to your creativity esp. the dress textures, cute braids, attractive colors etc etc.............
rombo azhagai irrukiradhu, thanks for sharing Smile

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Judyji! three main differences are there. You added Plaits, legs and bindis to the girls. You joined the hands of the girls downward.

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Judy, the girls are dressed up well for the party:) Now, they want to join hands to go to the party, there they will play(skipping) - am i right? They have got legs, plaits, curly hair, designed dress and bindhi.
Do you watch Super singer junior in Vijay tv? Whenever i see that, and Malgudi Shuba in that, i remember you (the smiling face) and the Ananth Sir to Mohanaji though i have not seen Mohanaji.:)

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Hey Judy, nice copycat work. so your girls are nicely dressed up for the chennai meet?The difference between the two work already others have pointed out.

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Judy, I got your message about not being able to log in. I had checked and found everything to be functioning fine, for all. Anyway, I tried your landline and cell a while ago, but couldn't reach you. I just finished chatting with Rani though. She might be able to update you sooner. Have a fun time tomorrow. Smile

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Jude the girls are none but us only. We enjoyed the Chennai meet like wise isint it?

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Judy, nice textures for the outfit. here girls joining hands for the party not skipping. overall very nice kolam.

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very beautiful Judy. ilike the texture of hairs and frocks....very nice

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Judyji, Beautiful and colourful...... -Indira

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How come I missed all your comments on this one?? Sorry friends Sad

Thank you Lata, Anirudh, Rani, Pushpa, Kameshwari, Padma, Sunita, Brindha (thanks for the compliment - that is my favourite programme), Rajam, Viji, Sudha, Lakshmi and Indira for your sweet comments Smile