Parrot kolam

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This is a small kolam so iput in my house only.This is straight dots only.Lata mam please issue all my kolams.I am waiting to see it.


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Meena, very cute parrot

Meena, very cute parrot kolam. The beaks, eyes have come out very weel. On the whole a very neat and beautiful rangoloi.

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Lovely texture to the

Lovely texture to the colouring Meena - very neatly done Smile

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Cute and Neat

Cute and Neat

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Cute and Neat

Cute and Neat

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beautiful kolam.

beautiful kolam.

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Beautiful and neat

Beautiful and neat Meenaji..-Indira

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Beautiful and nicely

Beautiful and nicely coloured parrot kolam. The colours give a velvety look.'s picture

Yes anirudh ur correct the

Yes anirudh ur correct the dot count for this kolam is 13-7 inbwteen dots..............

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lovely parrots and nicely

lovely parrots and nicely colored.....i too have this design in my collections Smile ....but this is interlaced dots....count 11X6 or 13X7?

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neat n lovely!!

neat n lovely!!

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Meena maam pretty kolam with

Meena maam pretty kolam with neat strokes and apt coloring and nicely decorated with lamps.. pls state the dot count

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This is really beautiful.

This is really beautiful. I wish the picture were bigger!

Regards! - mOhana

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Very beautiful! We publish

Very beautiful! We publish one rangoli per artist a day, most of the times. I can see that you have uploaded a few on the same day, but that doesn't mean all would get published the same day or even the same week. Protocols that got set a long time ago in ikolam, may not get changed. Smile

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lovely parrots with kuthu

lovely parrots with kuthu villakku meena mam

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your parrot looks pretty

your parrot looks pretty

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beautiful one

beautiful one

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good colour combination,

good colour combination, it's very beautiful.the only request i have is..please do include the dot count next time you upload..thank you

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hai meena very very cute

hai meena very very cute parrot kolam nadu kuthuvilakku and suttiyum agal vilakku adds much charm to d kolam...

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hi very beautiful how many

hi very beautiful how many dots

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Very pretty parrots n kolam.

Very pretty parrots n kolam.