Paper Earring

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This too is made with coiled paper strips. Very light and can be mix matched with the desired colour combinations.

Rangoli: Paper Earring


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Wow nice quilling ear ring. When I made earring out of (borrowed from Naveen) quilling materials all are made fun of me. But here it looks very nice that too after wearing it. nice

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I'll name it as 'sangu-chakram' ear-ring!

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WOW!!!very looks very nice.

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Jayanthi I think I better order some from you for my daughter Anita.. They are very very beautiful (by the way yaarooda kadhai adhu azaghupaduthuradhu??)

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I am learning to making fancy jewels.This is a new idea.Very nice.

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ரொம்ப நல்லா இருக்கு...