Padma's Design

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About Padma's Design:

This design was submitted some time back by Ms.Padma Prakash. I made this kolam today with an added border and some colours. Someone has already helped to disturb one part of the kolam before I could click!

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Padma's Design


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Nice Kolam Sindhu. lotuses are very bright.

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Nicely made kolam sindu with those coloured lotuses and is so greatful of u to say somebody helped u...haha...enna manasu...enna manasu...(what a humble mind u have...hehee)

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Looks Pretty

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very pretty....

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Neat Kolam Sindhu

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You made the simple kolam into beautiful.

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nice kolam sindhu!-suguna murugesan

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Very well done kolam Sindhu...looks pretty.

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Thank you Kameswari, Ms.Rani (thank u for appreciating my humble mind... ha ha!!), Vinci, Chandy, Anisha, Brinda, Viji, Suguna & Sowmya, for your very sweeet comments...

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Nice one.