Padi/Rangoli Koalm

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About Padi/Rangoli Koalm : PRINT

One of the padi kolams from this site. Modified and added here and there. Answer to Vinci's question : My kolams can be viewed in Gallery (Sharada N). I too find this problem. If the uid and the name in the gallery are displayed side by side, it would be helpful. It is a suggestion.
The small kolams I put in front of my apartment. The bigger ones downstairs (ground floor) in our apt bldg.

Rangoli: Padi/Rangoli Koalm


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Very nice n colourful padikolam

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beautiful padi kolam...

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wow!beautiful rangoli...cute mangos,lotus,has come out very nice.filling also good.

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Beautiful padi kolam.

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Wow...very neat and pretty kolam chandy...ur thin strokes r too good...

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Very nice padikolam design and it has come out very well...usage of colors adds to the beauty of the kolam....

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Very different and nice padi kolam. Colouring has added beauty.

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Lovely kolam. The line shading looks nice and the lotus flowers are cute.
Thank you Sharada for the clarification. Let me also a put a request to the admin.
I remember this type of kolam was published somewhere in the middle of 2009, And again the same concept was reproduced by one of our members.. Shh From morning I'm trying hard to recollect the member's name, Sorry my brain needs to accept the ageing factor :0.

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thin and cute

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wow, very neat and cute.

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Beautifully drawn kolam.

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Very nice idea of colouring the padi kolam. Looks good.

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Beautiful padikolam and lovely thin strokes (I envy your thin strokes)

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very nice thin lines...hmm... is this from pushpaji's gallery? also very nice decorations & coloring.
yes agreed with your suggestion for the gallery or another easier way would be link the uid/avatar pic to the gallery. not sure how easy/ difficult for lata madam. i hope it would be comming up shortly Smile

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Nice padi kolam with neat colouring effect.


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very nice padi kolam....the lotus looks beautiful.....

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When I saw your kolam shaded with lines, I was reminded by this kolam of Ms.Asha Nagendra, again presented in kolapodi by Rajusree
Though the line pattern differs still Lol