Padi Kolam with colours

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Dear friends ...Here is a maakolam for you to enjoy. Your views are welcome as always Smile

Rangoli: Padi Kolam with colours


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What can I say Sowmya, as always - this padi kolam looks beautiful with wonderful strokes, and your choice of contrasting colors. You remind me of busy bumble bees and ants. :love:
Thank you so much for the treats, one after the other. I can not tell you how guilty I am and have been for not being able to comment on the previous creations (including onam ones).

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Wow... Very very happy to see your comments dear Lata. :love: :love: Yeah I know it is your hectic work schedule that keeps you away from commenting on a regular basis so don't have regrets. Dirol Dirol You are always the first one to enjoy my creations Wink Smile

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wow sowmi ....colour combi is so beautiful n fantastic freehand kolam ...excellent outer neat n perfect etc :bigsmile:

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Thanks a lot suguna. Smile

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Sowmya,"ikolam" engira Pattarayil theettiya vairam pole jolikkiradhu ungaludaya sameebaththya kolamgal.Naalukku naal ennavoru merugu unga kaivannaththil! Adadaa enna azhagu endru viyappadharkkul innumoru kolam adhai minjuvadhaaga varugiradhu!
In this padikkolam the centre design is super.I have ceated a similar one in the book, yet to draw on the floor. Your red/ green combination is very pretty. You could have given some colouring in the outer designs also.By the way how much time you took to create this beauty? :bigsmile:

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Thank you Rajamma mam for your wonderful appreciation of my work. :love: :love: I am looking forward to see your design which I know will be a master piece. :star: :star: This kolam took about 2 hrs for drawing and another for colouring :bigsmile:

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Vaare wah....what a beautiful fusion kolam much tempted to try this immediately....inner freehand with outer geometric designs r looking so so pretty pa Smile

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Thank you Rani Smile

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wow!!!looks like a sticker...lovely red and green combination...excellent.keep it up

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Thank you Lakshmi. Smile

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Wow Sowmy, what can I say, this kolam superlative dear, I have no words to express the beauty... the central design is absolutely marvelous.... color combo excellent dear.

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Thanks a lot Pushpa. Smile

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awesome creation sowmy,lovely colour choice excellent.

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Thank you Bala. Smile

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your red and green padi+free fusion kolam is awesome sowmi. I think all the ikolam members are fan's of your kolams. Wonderful implementation.

Is it possible to view white lines(wet mavu) on light background???? :~ ?

:star: :star: :star:

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Thanks a lot Padma for your wonderful words. Smile As you said it is slightly difficult to follow the white lines drawing on a light surface.
It is visible when the kolam dries but will not be very bright so I use colours. Just check one of my kolams without colours. Smile

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very nice kolam mam. you have a fanclub with my whole family for ur padikolam. i've one doubt,desings ellam room potu yosipegalanu? Wink :star:

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Sowmy what a creation dear, beautiful padi kolam with lovely colors.

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Beautiful creation. How did you draw that perfect circle in the middle? The colour combination with white is very good. :star: :star: :star: :star: Smile

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Wonderful sowmi....excellent colour combo and perfect...Again and again I wonder your perfection.... :star: :star: :star:

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wow really superb one. Gud maa kolam with colors fusion kolam. gud one. Wink Wink

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nice kolam sowmya

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Thank you friends for all your wonderful comments. Smile

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your hard work has cherished our eyes.... soooooooo beautiful ma'm, thanks soo much for this wonderful treat. I am dumbstruck with all the submissions from you....thank you thank you thank you.
:star: :star: :star: :star: :star: .......... n :star:

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really soooooooooooooo attractive i don't have any word dear .The best part i liked was the utility of floor clolour for the shading .Hats off to you dear

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"edara madura roopakke
needalu sariyada shirshike

hudukidhe shbdakosha nuraru baari
kai hattlilla ondu saari

mannassu selava edar banna
adaralli adagidhe sobagu chinna

naxatra holedidhe aakaashadalli
prakasha beeridhe ee rangavaliyalli

kannighe needuva ee trapti
Kalpisidhe nannalli bakti

edondu sanna prayasa
madidhe nanna aayasa

hege rachisali padya
toradu nanghe sadya "

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Thanks Anirudh and Rekha mam( your poem is wonderful) for your wonderful comments. Smile

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just awestruck by this art

kudos to your involvement.