paDi kOlam a la bElUru

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After learning from Mrs Rajamma about the inter-relationship between temples
and paDi kOlams (Did you see my comment and the Borobodur picture?), I ventured
upon this. I call this the bElUru paDi kOlam as this takes a leaf out of the
Hoyasala temple architecture. The outer red square is the outer prAkAram.
Instead of having another square structure for walls on which carvings can be
made, the Hoyasala sculptors had this idea. They took squares and rotated them
by a certain angle repeatedly to get more surface area on which you can carve
more motifs. I rotated the squares by 22.5 degrees with a common centre. Why
22.5, because 22.5 X 4 = 90. Then I represented two circles inside to represent
the God and his consort. Together, they form infinity signifying the infiniteness
of the almighty. Before them I placed two octagons representing the place
where the devotees can sing and dance. Your comments for improvement are most
welcome. Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: paDi kOlam a la bElUru


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The brown lines that you've used for the nested squares looks like copper piping/tubes!
I'll make sure to check out the temple at least once in my lifetime. Smile

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Yes have seen this temple, yes we can take lot of designs from this temple, it would
great if we take a aireal view to see how the prakaram looks its just beautiful,
( just rembered Manju Bharjavi danced for a song in the prakaram for the film Sankarabharanam ) Lata , let us plan together when you are in India.

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Belur padi kolam took a nostalgia trip to my childhood days .I often visited belur &Halebeedu on school excursion .thankyou sir:)