Padi Kolam

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Navarathiri Special Padi Kolam drawn by my daughter

Rangoli: Padi Kolam


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Very nice. Good effort made by your daughter.

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very simple and sweet..

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Lovely kuzhal (roller) kolam...btw whats ur daughter's age....convey my wishes to her....

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simple, neat and cute kolam.

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Beautiful kuzhal kolam..

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Nice kuzhal kolam.

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Simple and beautiful.

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Curves are very neat and good symmetry! Well done!

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Nice to know that the Tradition is passed down to your daughter. I could find the same style of yours and a steady hand while dragging the kuzhal. What's her age? Convey my wishes and appreciation to her.

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Very nice Padi kolam. Your daughter became an expert in kuzhal kolam like you.


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Thank you friends, for your encouraging comments

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Very simple and pretty design which is executed so wonderfully by your daughter. Please pass on our wishes to her Bala. All of us are curious to know how old she is???