"Offray" Satin Ribbon Cushion Cover

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About "Offray" Satin Ribbon Cushion Cover:

This cushion cover is made by weaving satin ribbons of various widths and colors.satin rose and bow is used to make it elegant.

Rangoli: "Offray" Satin Ribbon Cushion Cover


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Welcome to ikolam Ms.Sujatha! Smile

Your cushion cover looks elegant, thank you for sharing. Smile

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Its Wonderful, Sujatha Ma'am...... Excellent Creativity...... Sure would add beauty to Your Living Room atmosphere.....

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cushion cover looks very nice.

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Wow sujatha - what a glorious beauty this one is - I would love to be the proud owner of this pretty cushion....

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lovely rich looking cushion,well done

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where do u get satin ribbons with designs?

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sumathiji I got those ribbons from a craft shop in Broadway Chennai.

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Ms.Sujatha, I'm going to try to explain a bit about the process, if it is incorrect please feel free to write the correct version. Smile

I've seen this type of work done in our local craft store (Michael's). It is basically the criss-cross technique, where we arrange one set of ribbons vertically, close to each other, and stitch the bottom ends to keep in place. The horizontal lines are done, one ribbon at a time, weaving it under the first vertical ribbon, over the second vertical ribbon, under the third one, and so on and so forth, in an alternate fashion. After the entire area is completed, the finishing edges are secured by stitching it. Usually in this type of cushions, you'll see ribbons like these woven on one side, and plain matching cloth-material on the other side.
Thank you for sharing this beautiful work of art, and for mentioning where you got the materials from. It helps! Smile

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Very pretty! Could you please describe the process in detail?

Regards! - mOhana

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very beautiful cushion cover.

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Sujatha ma'am this is superb work... so beautiful... we would be happy if you gave us the process as well