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About Octopus:

Hi All, This is the Octopus kolam for our Cruise theme. Again I'm so so happy today as this kolam is also out of my own imagination. Whether it is looking good or not, I'm so happy that I was able to design a sea creature in kolam pattern. I used the dots as 6-2-2. Please let me know your views.

Dotted kolam
let's go on a cruise
Rangoli: Octopus


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wow maha ur imagination is superb maha dear!-suguna murugesan

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wow wow wow superb maha.

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Wow...nice creation maha...yes it feels awesome when we create something on our own pa....i too did one fish kolam on my own...shall upload it today...

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it is just fluttering in joy maha

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Maha, may be our thinking wave length is same. I had a plan to do the octopus on sunday and upload. But due to some unexpected schedule I couldn't do. Thanks for bringing my imagination true.

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Beautiful imagination Maha! Superb!

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Very nice imagination Maha and true you feel very proud when you create something of your own....and that is visible in your drawing..

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Thanks a lot dear friends for appreciating my work. It's nothing compared to other's work. I just wanted to participate in this theme. This Octopus looks like dancing Bharathanatiyam. Ha ha ha.


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Thanks a lot once again - Suguna, Bala, Rani, Uma, Padma, Nithya and Sowmya.


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what a pretty octopus .Cho chweet .indeed a great imagination and lovely kolam apot for the theme dear .congrats

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maha your dancing octopus are cute dear... nice drawing...pa..

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Wow Maha dear, see this is what i was talking about, ur stealing all my designs and claiming it to be ur own. Too bad too bad. So nicely imagined and brought out in a dotted pattern. Too good Maha dear. Pls dear do upload the jellyfish too.

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Thanks a lot Dr Rekha, Julien and Pushpa. No dear, I'm sorry, I can't upload it. It looks like a very shabby work as compared to your beautiful jelly fish kolam. I decided not to upload it.


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very nice and creative imagination maha. superb work. may be u made a paul. gud job

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Thanks Priya for your comments.


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pretty good imagination...waiting for the floor version Smile

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Thanks Anirudh.


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wow, what an imagination maha.why don't I steal this design for my cruise theme?

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Suba, this Octopus is all yours. Take it for including it in your cruise theme.


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Octopus, like animals and human beings, have bilateral or left-right symmetry. This has been brought out well in your drawing. In fact, many octopus cartoons do look like this. Nice work.

Regards! - mOhana

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Thanks a lot JKM sir. Really happy to see ur encouraging comments.


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This guy is so amusing that I had to look at him atleast twice a day since he got uploaded here :0
I want to share a funny experience with you Maha. After the first day I saw this kolam, I started seeing this cute fellow in my dream in my sleep, only thing is - it got a wee bit scary for me since I dreamt this guy crawling up on my bed and running on top me ME!! :0
You won't believe it, but in the end of my dream, it was more of a mash up in my mind which started to look like this:

I still laugh at myself for dreaming about this cute fellow. Smile Also wanted to mention that the dot count must be 6-4-2, as seen in your design, so I'll correct the typo in the description later on.

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He he Lata that shows ur dedication dear, even dreaming about kolams in ur sleep

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Ha ha ha, Lata, really funny to hear this and also happy to know that you registered this submission so deeply in your heart, that it could come in your dreams too. Ha ha ha.

Lata, I'm sorry for misguiding with the dot count. but this is the way I used to write the dots counts - 6-2-2 means 6 dots 2 rows until 2 dots in the bottom. This is what in my mind.

You please go ahead and change the dot counts in the description.