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This Kolam is an Handicraft item of 7 Pieces made of beads and other materials.

This Kolam can be used as our traditional Kolam with attractive color and designs and can be arranged in to several designs of your choice and one can make any number of kolam or designs. And this type of Kolam can also used as a Decorative items at reception with decorative color lights focusing on the spot and will make the place attractive as you like. One can make big designs using 4 to 5 sets of kolam.

This new invention has been published by the leading news paper THE HINDU - Metro Plus. see this link.

Waiting for your comment and views.

Thank you.



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Welcome to ikolam! Smile

This is such an extraordinary work done with stones, as a rangoli pattern. It bedazzles against the black cloth! Thank you for sharing your lovely artwork here with all of us. Smile

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hai...welcome ...nice that u have bought this decorative piece....i have seen this in google images for kolam known as computer kolam...thanks for sharing....

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Very decorative ready made kolam Nagarani. Thanks for sharing your artwork with us in ikolam..

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Lovely art work. Rani/ Judy ,how about welcoming them for the chennai meet?

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rajamma mam...chennaile enge kedaikudo visaarikkanum...i shall try and if i get it will be my gift to u when i see u at d no excuse for not being able to come to chennai...he he...

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Ms.Nagamani, could you please tell us about how you came up with the name "star computer kolam"? I get the star and the kolam part, but fail to see the connection between the kolam and the computer. Smile

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Wonderful decorative work...

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This looks amazing.. Would take a try doing the center bit with the peacock for navratri.. Thank u very much for sharing.


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I can't see the image.I don't know the reason and I feel very sorry.

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Nagamani maam what a beauty this is... So lovely.. hmm how about real kolams from the design???

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Very beuatiful readymade kolam. Young girls will take to it very quickly!!

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Beautiful attractive work ,Nagarani.Could u share with us the base material used for making those pieces

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very beautiful and attractive work madam.

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very nice attractive art work.....

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Nagarani!!!! Awesome. Your artistic work took long time to turn my eyes. Very nice & excellent. Thanx for sharing!!

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wow!!beautiful work...yes i have seen these type of art Bangalore Gandhi bazaar......have these type of kolams in my cousin's house,..this also has come with pearls,stones..etc.......different types of borders also this.....material. hello .bangalore members.. look out for these materials and give us differet all of us.....

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Amazing art work ma'am.-Indira Sundar

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superb work great work

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AMAZING - AWESOME.......... I suppose that is all I can say at the moment as I am stuck for words - I will allow my eyes to feast and my fingers to rest for the time being now Smile Thanks for sharing Smile

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Thanks a lot for your comments. I didn't expect such lots of comments. I just now opened this website after a long time.

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Thankyou. Smile Smile

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Thankyou. Smile Smile

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Thankyou. Smile Smile

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Imaginative creation!

Regards! - mOhana

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Thank you for your comments. I just now opened this website after long time. I surprised to see lot of comments for my kolam. Thank you once again.