New Year's eve Kolam

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About New Year's eve Kolam:

As the title says, I made it on the New Year's eve...Its not perfect but it is what it is!! Smile

new year
Rangoli: New Year's eve Kolam


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nice design....

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Very casually drawn double strokes which I like it a lot.. Nice design,
Still, No symmetry in the flowers, Butterflies's abdomen are missing which looks unpleasing..
Waiting to see more of your double stroke kolams...

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nice design.

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Quite a big design - if you had drawn it a little more carefully would have looked very pretty Smile

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good one. The border is unique and different with flowers and butterflies.

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thanks to all ur inputs.will take more care in putting the kolam next time...
thanks ammuchandini,vinci,sreegiri,judelined and Padma

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nice and elaborate design