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vellore - india tamilnadu

It's something different for the viewers, it is made up of rice powder,
let us first start our morning by feeding the ants,
so that our food will be planned by god for the day,
everyone try this and see, you will find your day to be different.


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soo'm chaala

soo'm chaala bavundi...soo gud and i too learned it..thanku...

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Nice design. I love your

Nice design. I love your double ezhai very much.

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Ungal kolangal roooomba

Ungal kolangal roooomba azaga irukku.

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Premaji nice thought has

Premaji nice thought has gone into doing this beautiful kolam... here at my place as soon as I finish the kolam I have to immediately take the photo cos within a matter of 2 min it will be gone eaten away by the rats in the outer corridor

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very nice.

very nice.

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Very pretty Prema - I love

Very pretty Prema - I love those double strokes - so perfect Smile

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Splendid kolam.. My opinion

Splendid kolam.. My opinion - Seems Kaavi color is missing in the outer circle..

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Excellent work,

Excellent work,

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excellent premaji, really

excellent premaji, really superb

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Premaji your kolam looks

Premaji your kolam looks grand...nice design and stroks...

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Very pleasing design.

Very pleasing design.

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Beautiful indeed! (Please

Beautiful indeed!

(Please send me a reply email. Valid emails are important for our database, and I'm particular about it. Thank you). Smile

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Very pleasing to the eyes!

Very pleasing to the eyes! Why is the top half slightly different?

Regards! - mOhana