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This kolam is drawn by me on one of days of Marghazhi season. Since we live in a flat where the space is very less for a larger kolam to be drawn, I restrict myself, in drawing a semi small kolams everyday. since, ours is the first flat, the larger kolams get spoilt by walkers, who use this path, along our flat. So, I use only colour chalkpieces, to decorate my kolams.

This is flower kolam is a couch kolam which is 15-8 middle dots.


Uma Mohan Krishnan.


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I really appreciate the want

I really appreciate the want for you to put kolams inspite of limited space - way to go Smile

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very nice how many dots

very nice how many dots

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nice kolam and looks very

nice kolam and looks very symmetrical.

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nice kolam beautiful strokes.

nice kolam beautiful strokes.

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Uma ma'am beautiful shank

Uma ma'am beautiful shank kolam....

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Very nice. I like the

Very nice. I like the interchange of colours at the centre. Why didn't you do it for the outer conches too?

Regards! - mOhana

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Beautiful shanku kolam.

Beautiful shanku kolam. thanks for sharing.

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Welcome to ikolam Ms.Uma!

Welcome to ikolam Ms.Uma! Smile

I would say you've managed to make a big kolam despite being in the flats. Good idea to color it with chalk. I like your style of coloring the top and bottom halves in two different colors. Thank you for sharing your work here at ikolam. Smile