Nelli kolam

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About Nelli kolam:

This kolam was drawn by me and my sister Malar Anand , when i visited her home in Karur.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Nelli kolam


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It is so nice to see an entry from you Indra! This design is one of my favorite dotted star kolams.
Very nicely drawn. Thank you Ms.Malar and Indra. Smile

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Thanks a lot Lata.
Malar Anand is also a Ikolam member. Please add this one to her folder.
But now she cannot logging in often.. she is carrying now..

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The moment u reached India and saw a place to put big rangoli, how dod u feel? Your sister and u have done a wonderful kolam,very neatly done. Its my favourite also.

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Thank u so much Rajamma ma'am. When i landed in the Trivandrum Airport, i saw a very big place , but i could not draw a big kolam.
But, i drew big kolams in the morning and small in the evening when i was at home. Definitely, i will convey ur wishes to her.

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Indiraji,it looks very very nice.

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Wonderful Kolam, Indira ma'am..... Regards to Malar too.....Hope You had great time with Your Family.....

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Very patiently done! Unless you say, no one could find that it is done by 2 persons!

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Thanks to Lakshmi ma'am, Purni, Jaya ma'am.

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Very pretty! Is it possible to make it into a single line?

Regards! - mOhana

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Thank u Sir, . Yes, it is very easy

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My favourite star kolam Indira - am so glad to see it too Smile Lovely work by you and Malar and all the best for the safe delivery of her baby Smile

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Thanks a lot Judy ma'am. I will convey your wishes to her tomorrow.