navratri rangoli 3

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this is a modified version of swastik rangoli,slightly touched up from a model based on a kolam i saw in picasa web albums

Rangoli: navratri rangoli 3


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பச்சை புல் ஆடையால் முகம் மறைக்கும் இந்த கோலபெண் மிகவும் அழகு .

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THe design came out nicely from the swastik. KOlam is cute. You are also giving the effect of Kuzhal kolam without using the kuzhal. Welldone Deepa.

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Neat and nice kolam Deepa ma'am..

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deepji very nice crispy kolam....

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Rajamma madam, innum oru pattu kooda gnabagam varudhey gnabagam varudhey !"நீலவான ஓடைக்குள் ஒளிந்திருந்து ,காட்டுகிறாய் உன் ஒளிமுகத்தை "அழகான , மிக அழகான கோலம் தீபா.

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thanks all,specially brindha mam, " vashistar vaayil kideitha brahma rishi pattam pol".thank u soooo much.

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Deepa ma'am very nicely done... I liked the small small designs you have made around the inner design

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Beautifully done! But I don't see any svAstika.

Regards! - mOhana

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very nice Deepji, nice swastika design using the pick kaavi...and good inner designs shanka, chakra, lotus(or is it tirumala naama?) , swastika and whats the 4th one, ashtadala padma?

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Very nice design and neatly drawn Deepa Mam...You have got back the pink kavi - that's nice to see.

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very nice fair+lovely kolam