navratri kolams

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here is a special kolam on the auspicious days of navratri with four lines,ezhai kolam modified a bit like geometric clean shapes

Rangoli: navratri kolams


jkmrao's picture

Quite beautiful. However, on the left and top sides, the connections do not seem to go well; seems to be a displacement of lines.

Regards! - mOhana

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Deepa, my favorite inter-woven lines kolam has come out neat except at one place!

rajamma_2's picture

Deepa, this 'Mat" design is our favourite. Though slight variations are there, overall it looks very very nice with the pink outlines. I like the way ur lotus are drawn.

sjnt's picture

Looks intricate. Very nice.

lakshmiraghu's picture

deepa, very nice kolam i like the inside design.

judelined's picture

Yes, like everyone said there are small variations in the lines disturbing the symmetry - but overall the kolam with the pretty pink looks lovely Deepa.. As always i just love the way you draw your lotus...