Navratri kolam

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About Navratri kolam : PRINT

This is a set of kolams drawn beaneath my Kolu table.

navrathri 2010
Rangoli: Navratri kolam


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Lovely kolams Riya...with kavi all r looking so nice...btw doesn't d kavi leave a stain as it is done indoors...even after u wipe thoroughly...

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No the kavi doesn't leave stains on the tiles that we have here. I

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I wonder , even under the tables u ppl do kolams? great .. u ppl have lot of patience and creativity.
Nyways thnx for sharing.

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very creative havent left even a small space without kolams...very nice..

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I like the way you have put kolams around the legs of the table - makes it so decorative - nice work Riya Smile

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lovely kolams riya.

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Looks very pretty.....

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The complete set of kolams drawn by you for your kolu looks so lovely.


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Nice collections Riya.. But need to bend to see the inner kolams especially the cute borders.. If Possible why don't you give us a full view again!!

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Nice and neat kolams

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Kolam pottuttu table poduvaangala, illa table-kku adila pugundhu kolam poduvangala?-Vadivelu kind of doubt!

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Table pottu kolathai potten....hee hee reminded me of my childhood days wen I used to crawl under the table...:)

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Beautiful kolams.

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Shows ur interest. I second jayamohan's doubt.