ammuchandhini's picture

Hai to all....HAPPY NAVARATHRI to all of u.....this is first attempt in kuzhal kolam...kuzhal experts...brinda, say something where i can improve...ur views pl....



riya_mrv's picture

wow!!! How do u do this??? Please teach me too!!

jasree's picture

Wow!!!! Ammu Mam!! Kalakitteenga. Sorathuku onnume illa, kathuka vendiayathu than neraiya irukku. Mind blowing!!! Beautiful kuzhal kolam with lavender outline.

sjnt's picture

Fantastic. Idhu ungal mudhal attemptaa? நம்ப முடியவில்லை , இல்லை , இல்லை,............

anubalki's picture

Wow!Superb kolam.Very neat and beautiful : )

ammuchandhini's picture

thank u riya...u get rollers to fill in kolam pdr and then u glide it on d surface so that a set of 4 lines...depends on d type of design in d roller...comes on d ground...u can see brinda's she has submitted in one of her posts about d various types of rollers available....thanks again...

ammuchandhini's picture

thanks da jasree (nejammava...)still if u look closely d joints ellam has'nt come out well...i hope practise panna panna varum...thanks pa..., and thanks jayanthy mam...nejamma than...sari sollidren...this is my first uploadnu vachukkonga.(actually 3rd try) first 2 try using a roller was disastrous....and thank u anu...

P.Veni's picture

Excellent,rani..looks so pretty...

ammuchandhini's picture

thank u veni...

jayamohan's picture

Your first upload gets a distinction!

rajamma_2's picture

Kuzhal kola kaththukuttingalum comment pannalaama?
Very good attempt. used simple design without complication so that full attention given for the kuzhal to move properly.Patient work done. the final result is very beautiful and deserves compliments.
( Ennoda Lavender colorukku Patent pannaama poyittene! ellaarum eduththu vidarangale!)

Vinci's picture

A beautiful display Rani. your kuzhal version is very cute stealing my heart.. Superrr for the first attempt..

judelined's picture

Kuzhalum, kaiyum, Raniyin imaginationum sangamithu oru azaghaana pokkishatthai engalukku koduthathirkku nanri dear thozhi - what else can I say. Only thing if you had taken this picture from the terrace we could have enjoyed the lines better I think - why don't you try once Smile

ammuchandhini's picture

thanks a lot jaya mam, rajamma mam...aamaam naanum solla vanden moda velaya patent vaangi vachidunga...he he and thanks a lot vinci....hope ur stolen heart will come back to u after u see my another kuzhal kolam...tomorrow

ammuchandhini's picture

thanks pa judy....even i want to take it from d terrace...but u see each and every time someone has to jump from d terrace paraphet wall to d low ceiling of my verandah...then only we can take a pic...thats why its impossible..(ht about 10 feet )...

lakshmiraghu's picture

Excellent,Rani.looks soooooo pretty.

ammuchandhini's picture

thank u lakshmiiii....

sadana's picture

Ammu mam wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! very nice perfect and excellent work everystroke and the design come out very well thanks for sharing good one

ammuchandhini's picture

thanks da sadana...glad u liked it....

dibbutn's picture

OMG!!! Rani maam yenna idhu... kallakireega... kuzhal kolam has come out soo good Rani maam and the minimal lavendar color used makes this kolam even more pretty... Idhula oru heart yennaka

chandy's picture

Doesn't look like first attempt at all! Excellent. loved it very much

Lata's picture

Amazing roller work Rani. Looks like you have total control over it. Smile

malar anand's picture

spuer ammu mam.

ammuchandhini's picture

thank u push...ofcourse kekkanuma enna..., thanks chandy, malar and thanks latha....control ellam onnum illeppa...just had fun in dragging that aluminium thing all over...ishtatukku...he he....

vijaysowmya's picture

excellent kolam...couldnt believe that this is first beautiful...waiting for the next one...

subashini's picture

kannula oththikkalam pole azhagu Rani.

ammuchandhini's picture

thank u sowmya and suba....suba...unga vaarthai en mansukkul olichikitte irukku....

Sumathi.v's picture

Great attempt rani

judelined's picture

oh so there is no staircase to the terrace or what??

ammuchandhini's picture

staircase to d terrace irukkupa...but our verandah ceiling is a low roof it is about 10 feet from d maadi paraphet wall down to d ceiling of d verandah......

Padma Prakash's picture

Excellent!!!!!!!! Too pretty with lavender touch.

ammuchandhini's picture

thank u padma...