Navarathri kolam

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This kolam was done by my mom for her golu. Shes eagerly waiting for all your comments.

Rangoli: Navarathri kolam


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Very nice kolam!Good color combination.

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lovely design and good choice of cols indu mam...convey my wishes to ur mom...

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Please convery our wishes to your mother. Tell her that her kolam is looks so beautiful with nice colour combinations.


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Cute design and good colour combination..

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Indhu maam this looks so pretty with pleasing colors... give my regards and appreciation to your mom

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Beautiful rangoli.

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Beautiful colors and well made.. Please request on my behalf to your mom to draw more and share with us..

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Indhu mam !!! Your mom's kolam is very pretty. Very nice design & colour.

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Beautiful rangoli.

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Tell your mother that it is done very well with good color choice!

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Good colours and design.

Regards! - mOhana

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Nice kolam.

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good color combination

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so this was the kolam you were referring to that day when we came home ah?? Lovely colour combination and very neatly done. Indhu please convey my regards to your mom - tell her we appreciate her work very much - look forward to more also Smile

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Thank you all for your enchouraging comments will convey them to her.

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lovely kolam Indhu.Tell her we like her kolam very much.

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soo nice and brightly colored, please convey our regards to our mom.....thanks for sharing