Navarathri day -4

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This is a very popular and well known free hand design. I have made this podi kolam using double strokes (laying out two parallel lines at once with hand). Please send me your comments and feedback. Thanks in advance.

Rangoli: Navarathri day -4


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cute double stroked kolam maha...just because of ur brown floor it looks as if a kolam done with kavi...lovely...

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Ur double stroke kolam looks very cute,maha

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Rani mam and veni mam,

Thanks for your comments.


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Maha maam lovely kolam... I liked the texture of your kolapodi, nylon kolapodi I think...

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Maha, good one. For you, the curved strokes are coming easily, but need more practice. With practice, u can perfect it.
This kolappodi also seems to be a free flowing one.

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Nice Maha,

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Maha!! very nice kolam with neat strokes.

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Ur double stroke kolam looks very nice

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Dear All, Thanks for your feedback and will definitely consider ur points for improvement. Actually I'm living in UAE. So I completely lost my touch in making kolams. Only when i come to chennai for vacation, i use to put kolams in the entrance. Now, since it is navarathri days, i'm putting kolam in the entrance everyday here in UAE.


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Well drawn with good double strokes.

Regards! - mOhana

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Thanks Mr JKM.


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I like the way you are able to draw two separate lines without dropping any podi between the lines - wonder how you do it?? I have seen some kolams when I walk on the road sometimes done like this and feel quite tempted to go inside the house and ask them to do a demo for me - just imagine Blum 3

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Dear Judy Mam,

It's easy. I use three fingers to hold the kolam podi. Thumb, Index and middle finger. While drawing, when I rub the kola podi using thumb, the kola podi will fall down from the top and bottom of index finger and the width of index finger is the gap which seperates the two lines. Try this first by drawing some straight lines. I did this way only. Me and my sister were practising this before our marraige.


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Thanks for the great tip Maha - I will definitely try it out Smile