Navarathri day-1

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Hi all,
Wish u all happy navarathri days. This kolam was made by me today (Navarathri day-1). It would have been better if kaavi had been applied. I'm not good in making ezhai kolams. This is the only design i usually draw. Still i have attached it here to obtain all your views and suggestions for improvement. Thanks in advance.

Rangoli: Navarathri day-1


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Good try. Normally this would be the first padikkolam for the beginners I think. The maavu consistency is better in this.Btw,my name is jayanthy.

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lovely maakolam i think ur maavu consistency is better...keep on trying new designs....

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Very nice maakolam,maha

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Dear Jayanthy Mam, Rani Mam and Veni Mam,

Thanks for all your appreciation and comments.


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and who told you that you are not good in making ezhai kolams Maha?? this one looks good to me. I am sure with practice you can make really good ones also soon Smile

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Well made.. Looks bright.

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Dear Judy Mam and Vinci Mam,

Thanks for your comments.


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very nice indeed.

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Thanks Subashini mam