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Here is a hridayakamalam. There are nine of them in each motif.
The word nava means nine as well as new. In that sense the name is
apt. The various stages in obtaining this are given on the right side.
Comments are welcome.

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: nava-hridaya-kamalam


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Separating the hridaya-petals out to show the stages helps us understand this better.

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In general for lotus/hridaya kamalam we use 8 petals! Here you have arranged nine in one!
Nice indeed! Btw, Thank you mOhanaji, for the rangoli pdf sent thro' Lakshmiji! It's very informative.

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JKM the colour choice is so good that it gives a lovely shaded effect...

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mOhanaji,Oru vairakkammal pole irukku onga Hridhayakamalam.