Naga Mandala

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This is a auspicious Rangoli which we draw in front of god during Naga Panchami Festival. This I learnt from my Grandma

Rangoli: Naga Mandala


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Nice trational Kolam. Lakshmi had shown us a kolam like this with so amny expanded varities.

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traditional kolam and i can see this kolam from small to big versions in those houses who have naagadevadai as their kuladeivam....

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very nice and gud one auspicious

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Nice one, I liked the cute snakes at the corners as well.

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beautiful looks different...keep it up

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Nice way of showing step by step instruction for a complicated design, through the arrows Srilakshmi.

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Nice tutorial kolam.

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A good attempt at showing this kolam with arrows. I like the top half. A good idea to use different colors to show the different lines. While trying to trace over the guidelines, I think I lost myself somewhere at the crossroads between the merging of green into the black lines. The picture lacks symmetry at the bottom. I would like to make this later, and I really hope I make the time for it. Thanks for the example, and the tutorial. Smile

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Good, but I am a pure map reader, still not clear to me.

Regards! - mOhana

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Sorry, it must read I am poor map reader, not pure map reader.

Regards! - mOhana

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Thanks friends for your nice comments. Now a days, I am trying to work on PC more time. When i feel more tired / free time during my work, I try some kolams to draw in PC. I am poor with dwgs. thas why it is not that much in symmetry. Also, my grand ma was telling while teaching this kolam to me that, whenever we draw a nagamandala/snake kolam, we should draw its eggs and small snakes nearer to it which gives the auspicious pray for god blessing whole of our family till generations. so i thought i should share this with u all.

Here, for this kolam, first follow red colour, 2nd blue colour, 3rd is green and finally you land up with Black.

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Good idea of showing arrows for directions to follow - so I am sure this will be useful to many here on this website...

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thanks srilakshmi,we can have an idea how to draw nagabandana,very nice.