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About nag:

this rangoli is made from dust powder which is mixed with dyes. This is drawn by my friend ANANTHALAKSHMI in her home. it is five headed serpant. only limited colours are used in this.mainly yellow and green.

naga chaturthi
Rangoli: nag


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Very different and looks natural Nanditkiran....Thanks for sharing...Was this done for some pooja???

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Wow...such a different design and d head of d snake is so real(middle one) as if it is lifting its head...thanks for sharing....

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Wow, very nice serpant kolam. Beautifullu done in order to give a natural look. Convey our wishes to Ms Ananthalakshmi. Was this done for any pooja?


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Only yesterday I had snake in my dream/ I am little frightened to see this awesome work.

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nice and this any kind of naaga mudra in padmanaabha temple?

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"Hedeyetthi nintha ee pancha nagana
darshana maatradinda
harisidhe namma dukka
yenthaha saundarya roopa
thalide neenu nagaraja
bheku namaghe ninna aashirvada "

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beautiful rangoli mam., nice coloring...

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very well drawn and colored neatly

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very beautiful!-suguna murugesan

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Fantastic kolam so natural becoz of the colour and neatness. Very nice.

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Wow what a beautifully done freehand kolam. The 5 headed snake looks so good.

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ananta by ananta! Great!

Regards! - mOhana