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Hi, This is a dotted kolam, Little complicated on the dots though, ( First ) 17 dots (straight dots) five lines. then From the sixth line Reduce one dot from each side of the bottom(straight dots only) and place the dots until you reach five dots in the line., now do the same to the top side. hope all enjoy the kolam



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beautiful dotted kolam...looks as though d corner flowers and branches r freehand....

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Filled with pretty flowers, leaves and creepers which makes the kolam beautiful.. Nice Design and your strokes looks very casual.

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Very nice kolam, the thick strokes and the spring stem gives live to the kolam!

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wow very beautiful one nice kolam

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very sweet and crisp kolam. looks like free hand kolam.

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beautiful kolam i like the design and strokes..

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Nice and thick strokes and lovely kolam

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Looks like a free hand kolam... with cute flowers,buds, leaves and twirls it can be named as Spring kolam!. ( U can give the dot count as 17 -5 lines, Then 15 to 5, straight dots..Even without mentioning we can make out)

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Very effortlessly and casually, but still beautifully drawn. I like it.

Regards! - mOhana

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this nature kolam looks really cute Anita - casually done giving it a pretty finish Smile

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Pretty floral kolam, looks like freehand kolam.