my margali kolam

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hi tis is my another margali kolam...2 peacock resembles here.....hope u all like it

Rangoli: my margali kolam


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beautiful peacocks!

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Lovely peacocks in and around the kolam, good colouring too.

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Very very beautiful. Neatly done.


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Lovely beautiful peacocks ! well done Smile

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Lovely rangoli. The Pea chicks with a single feather look nice.

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Peacocks looks very pretty.

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pretty kolam.......

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Cute and beautiful peacocks

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Wow excellent work... so glad to see ur work after so such a loooooong gap... excellent work... hoping to see more from u

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Beautiful peacocks, looks very nice....

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Lovely circular peacock kolam with nice coloring..

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Peacocks looks very pretty.well done..

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beautiful kolam with neat colour shadings

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Uma Maheshwaran you are back with a bang I think - lovely peacock kolam with cute and extremely neat pea chicks going round. I think the lense of your camera is dirty as I can see some spots in the photo - just check.

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tkx a lot for u r comments...

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Nice imagination!! Hats off!!!

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lovely kolam . perfect

srivalli.sudhakar's picture

lovely kollam

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Beautiful and unique!