My Gudhi padwaa rangoli

Aapki rangoli bahoth khoobh! Nice pair of ladies standing guard :) (Your rangoli is very pretty)
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lovely rangoli the peacock and lotus design has come out so beautifully
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You have drawn the face of the peacock very nicely - looks very handsome :)
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कमल के ऊप्पर नाचने वाले मोर , आम जैसे चित्र सब अच्छे है .दोनों तरफ दो लड़कियां नाच रही है क्या ? डॉक्टर जी, आपका नाम क्या है ?
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i am sorry....but there are no ladies is the gudhi-which is nothing but a bamboo put on any base,then over it is a cloth with leaves,on the top is kalash with either water or milk flowing from is very sacred one and is first worshiped on the day of ugadi....
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indira sundar
Very beautiful peaock..........-Indira
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Rangoli is very pretty, the peacock seems like it is blushing... nicely drawn
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