my golu sujatha ganesh 2010

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Hello, i saw your web site, is very informative. all photos of kolam are good. i and my father made some dolls for kolam, that photo i want to display in your web. thank you.

Rangoli: my golu sujatha ganesh 2010


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Welcome to ikolam Sujatha! Smile

We're glad you enjoyed the site and all the pictures. You've shown so many cool things in this picture! I see that everybody is very busy with their work. You're a lucky person to have had the chance to work with your dad to make this beautiful project. Thank you for sharing your artistic skills with all of us here. Wish you a happy Diwali. Smile

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Oh so cute. As Lata had mentioned, you are lucky enough to work along with your dad for this golu arrangement. The entire arrangement looks good.


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An excellent artistic work, super!!! The dolls are very nicely arranged and taken us to a village site. Lovely!!!

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Sujatha maam welcome to ikolam... do u mean to say u made the dolls on ur own, wow if that is the case it is so wonderful... pls brief us about the making of the dolls if possible

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Wow, the dolls and the arrangement is sooooooo cute.

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handmade dolls looks so pleasing suji, can u xpln its procedure in cafe section pls pls pls

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Hai welcome....such a cute display of hand made dolls...i think d bullock cart(without d wheels) and d doll beside it (to d right of our monitor) r made of beads lovely....

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Nice to see a quiet village, unlike the hustle bustle city life. Bullock cart made of beads looks interesting.

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Hai Sujatha!!!! Welcome to ikolam. Thanx for sharing your artistic work with us.

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Lovely effort in making your own dolls Sujatha - are they made of clay or mud?? Really good effort by you and your dad Smile

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very nice of you and your dad.your home made dolls are very cute and interesting.Thanks for sharing.

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Cute display of the village scene