My first stocking flowers

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I kick started my craft journey with this easy stocking flowers.

your suggestions for improvement are welcome .thankyou !

Rangoli: My first stocking flowers


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very very pretty...

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Pretty work. Do share your handicrafts with us:)

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very pretty work....

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Pretty flowers.


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Lovely colourful stockings flowers maheshwari...

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very very nicely done colourful flowers.Very good .please tell us how to make this flowers so that we canalso learn to make beautiful flowers

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Thanks all !

Procedure :
buy the following materials from the craft shop ; they will show us the entire kit .
1. stretchable cloth piece [ color your choice ]
2. pollens
3. matching thin strings
4. matching thread
5. thick bottom stem string
6. green color self-adhesive tape
7. scissors

Cut the thin matching strings of the 12 cm length. 5 pieces for a flower.
bend the cut strings in to a petal shape [ like thilagam ] & twist it at the end.
insert the petal shaped strings in to the stretchable cloth & cut it & tie it with the matching thread.
attach the pollens on the thick stem string with the help of thread.
now the center stem is ready. attach & tie all the 5 petals to this roundly & tie tightly.
then roll in the green tape from the start to the end of the stem.
slightly expand the petals for the final touch.
your beautuful stocking flower is ready now to adorn your reception room.

you can search in you tube for a video of this.

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very pretty......

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Oh this reminds me of my craft class where we did similar flowers ... this looks so lovely in white and pink... lovely, good work maam

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Beautiful work.