my first sikku kolam

HEMA BALACHANDRAN Wed, 02/16/2011 - 19:22

How I wish you had uploaded a more clear picture in order for me to give better comments. From what I can see - the entire design has good symmetry and the way you have outlined the colour seems as if it is a double stroked kolam. Good colour combination too.
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everything looks interesting in this except d image, a better image would have bagged u a lot of applauses, nice wk, kp it up
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Is this really your first chikku kolam. The strokes are very good. Patiently drawn kolam. I envy the large space outside your door, which will enable you to put big kolams. Hoping to see more such kolams from you.
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Very beautiful chikku kolam and an excellent one for a beginner in chikku kolam... very well done, how i wish we could get a clearer picture though
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Ammuchandini Maam is yet to put her comments :) Lovely chikku kolam Hema,. Freehand or Chikku kolam everything is done in an elaborate size :) From the hazy look, the color combination looks good and at places I guess you have interwoven the strands. Wish for a clearer image..
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So sorry hema mam...i am late today as some painting work is going in my house and d comp was shifted from its plug kolam that too such a big one and moreover in double strokes....and d colouring u have done...all r awesome mam...waiting to see more from usual ur biiiiig kolams...haha
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Wow, beautiful designing and colouring in chikku! How i wish the image was clearer. It is unbelieable that this is your first chikku kolam - it has come out very beautifully. -Sindhuja
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A very well done chikku kolam and it is very big too...Neatly done and colors are very good..looking forward to mor kolams like this from you.
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