My first ever tried dotted kolam

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this is trial dotted cikku kolam done on the basis of mahlaxmi's kolam(5x3) and subsini's (2x2)on simple paper .Request to comment for improving .Awaiting for your valuable suggestions .Ammu ur HW I will try after this

Rangoli: My first ever tried dotted kolam


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Looks great! Love the shading. I'm so glad you've started making and sharing your rangoli designs! Smile

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very neat and artistic attempt, Rekha:)

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Haha...rekha last u tried a sikku is so so beautifully and very carefully made kolam dear....congrats on ur first don't stop...keep on doing kolams whenever u get free time... ...i bet u will become well-versed ....

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Lata ,Brinda and Ammu I know this scribling is very bad but thanks for encouraging me .Ammu as u said i will try now9x1 but real rangoli and upload it for ur valuable suggestions

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Rekha, try them on floor also simultaneously! You will master the art soon!

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wwwwwwwwoooowwww! Dr. Rekhaji, what a neat and decorative work in your first attempt. Is this one a ugly kolam u mentioned???? CONGRATSSSSS! for your first upload...yes mam, practice makes a man perfect, as rani mam said, keep trying keep on trying whenever you get a free time
While talking over phone, our fingers will scribble something in a paper, make a practice to scribble kolams....(okay okay...seems too much na), I am not joking mam, I practiced like this only.

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Wow, beautiful start, very nice with zebra lines

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wow, what a chweet cute 1st attempt, looks lovely rekhamam

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Wow!!!Well done rekha mam.So sweet..Congrats for your first attempt...

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Excellent first attempt. Lovely shading work. This one looks very pretty and I am unable to believe this as your first attempt. So well made. Looking forward to more amd more kolams from you.

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A very neat and a pretty kolam by you Dr.Rekha. Your first attempt if fabulous and you have an artistic touch. Keep uploading........

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Thank u Jayamaam,vasanthi,veni,vijay and padma for your lovely encouraging words .As suggested by all of u i will try to make more and more kolams whenever i am free in the floor .

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Naduvil sooriyan, suttrilum vilakku adhai suttri aaaaru 3-1 chikku kolams! ( with viboodhi pattai) wahre wah! first attempt pramaadam. Jisko ande ke ooper chithra banaanaa aasaan hai, ye tho 'jujubee hai naa?

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Rajjamma aapke shukriya maei kis tharase karu samjme nahi aatha hai .Lekhin haath jodke namaskar kar ke aapka ashirvadh jaruuur lena chahathi hun.With ur encouragement definately i will try to improve and try to make little big dotted kolam .Once again thank u to all the members

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Rajjamma aapne hamare egg shell quiz ke javab abi thak nahi diye.Hum intzar karenghe

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vasanthi very nice guidance dear i will follow it i already started it .Keep on giving me some tips which will improve not only my kolam but alsom patience

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Wareh waaah...rekha mam...who is ur tamil teacher at d cute....then vandu paayudu kaadinile...haha...ask ur teacher ...if u don't get d answer i shall translate it to u after sometime....

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Hope this link will help u to know about kuzhals....

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Wow Reka Mam., Lovely creation., very nice to see your kolam., your shading. , using lovely colours....

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Very very good.all the best for your upcoming kolams.

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ANBULLA Ammu ,thank you for appreciating my beautiful teacher.This is just my learning stage u may help in correcting my tamil and kolam too .thsanks for the link too

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Ammu chellam yennudaya ashiriyar oru then paihinda nadhi pondavar

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Wow, Dr Rekha, this is a very beautiful submission my dear. I missed it as I was on a short vacation. So cute