Multicolored Margazhi Sunshine!

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This Margazhi beauty was created by Bharathi, Lakshmi and Pinky (Bharathi's brand new co-sister!).

Rangoli: Multicolored Margazhi Sunshine!


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Hi Bharathi, Lakshmi and Pinky,
The fact that this was a joint-collaboration reminds me of the upcoming Margazhi season when ladies get together to make elaborate patterns like these. Beautiful piece of work indeed! Thank you for giving me the honor of naming this bright and beautiful margazhi beauty!

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thank you so much lata

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a perfect symmetrical kolam withpretty colour combination

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thank you so much asha

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Lovely design. Happy margazhi!

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swarnabhas, thank you so much

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Wow!!! excelent design.With pretty colour combination.

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Kalpana thank you

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Beautiful piece of work..

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Padma vathi thank you

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hi ......superb

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Nachi thank you

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Kaminimaheswari thank you

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so ,what is the name...SUN ?

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this kolam was named by is multicoloured marghazhi sunshine.

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Dear B.L.P,Fantastic multicolored marghazhi sunshine,with half circle reflecting the opposite color and the GREEN lotus waiting for the sunshine to bloom full!( when this was posted I was toobusy , hence the delayed comment

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Hi very nice, superab, eyecatching, different type of rangoli.


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Rajammaji,manjuprabaji thank you sooo much for your appreciaitons.
from Lakshmi,Bharathi,Pinky

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wow, very very good, the half circle coloring is amazing, which gives a different effect...nice team work Bharathiji, Lakshmiji, Pinkyji.

manjuji, thanks for searching this masterpiece from the gallery Smile

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Lovely creation,monochromatic color combination,looks like a saree print.

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Wow!!!! super kolam with excellent color combination

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i don't think it is possible to do rangolis better than this.hats off to your idea and patience.

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Lovely design. The half colur technique is very good.