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Hyderabad - India Andhra Pradesh.

These are called Melika Muggulu in Telugu. I love to create and draw these as, they are complicated but very intricate. Sometimes we need not lift our hand until the entire Kolam is completed. I am posting on Kolams in my blog here:


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Sailaja Sharma Padma your

Sailaja Sharma
Padma your Telugu is excellent. Thanks a lot.
My thanks to Lakshmiraghu, judelined, ammuchandhini.

I am afraid I am not so adept in MS Paint or other such things. I will need lot of practise. Thanks a lot for letting me know.
But the Kolams drawn on computer look very neat.

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Sailaja Sharma Friends Thank

Sailaja Sharma
Friends Thank you so much for such prompt responses. This really is a very friendly group. I am feeling at home already. It feels nice to be a part of such lovely group. The credit goes to Lata for creating such beautiful platform. The kolams here are really beautiful.

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Sailaja maam nicely drawn

Sailaja maam nicely drawn kolam...

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Sailaja Sharma Thank u so

Sailaja Sharma
Thank u so much. No formalities call me Sailaja.

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Hai, welcome ..... meeru

Hai, welcome ..... meeru upload chesina moggu chaala baagundi sailaja. inka kotta kotta mogguluni expect chestamu. (sorry if my telugu is wrong. I know only to some extent)

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sailaja garu, beautiful

sailaja garu, beautiful muggu waiting to see more and more

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Neat kolam Sailaja. Drawing

Neat kolam Sailaja. Drawing kolams on the computer needs lots of practice. You can use MS Paint, Illustrator or Photoshop to draw kolams on the computer Laughing out loud

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hai....welcome....lovely and

hai....welcome....lovely and an easy kolam from u....waiting to see more from u....

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Sailaja Sharma Thank you

Sailaja Sharma

Thank you Lata. But I was wondering how the Kolams uploaded here are drawn using Computers?
Is there any soft ware for that?
They look so beautiful and neat.

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Welcome to ikolam

Welcome to ikolam Ms.Sailaja! Smile

This muggulu design is a beautiful one! Thank you for sharing your work here at ikolam. Smile