More old wine!

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The other day I gave you a simple pattern which is a quickie for all busy people. I combined four of those to form a square pattern that has two lines. The original pattern is also given at the centre. Enjoy!

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: More old wine!


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An interesting pattern indeed! But, why do I get the feeling that it would be easier to make this design without any dots to begin with, and then fill in the dots? Maybe I need to retrain my mind a bit! :0

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JKM sir, quite interesting. Nice pattern and a new design.


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New design but nice..-Indira Sundar

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Nice design mOhanaji.

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superb design with a common kolam

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A simple design transformed into a very pretty & interesting one! Thank you, JKM sir.

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usual design with different look....

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Thank u jkm sir for a wonderful design to try in kuzhal....

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Mohana sir, as usual, a wonderful pattern from u and love those "tomato candles" Smile Smile

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Beautiful pattern,sir

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nicely connected designer kolam

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Beautiful and nice design.

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Thanks everybody! latAjI, yes something like this and its predecessor can easily be drawn without dots. My aim was to show that these patterns can be woven and therefore have handedness. Secondly, even simple patterns can be reworked with care. A dotted background helped me to draw them easily. I have always believed that dots look nice only in chikku kOlam. In other instances the dots only aid in drawing the pattern nicely without mistakes. We can add or remove the dots from many rangOlis without loss of clarity.

Regards! - mOhana

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wonderful design

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at the very first site on seeing this pattern of kolam design without seeing the name we can tell that this is jkm sirs kolam.ur ddesigns are unique. nice design

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Wonderful inter-connected kolam - thanks for this one too JKM

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Wonderful creation ...