mini kolam

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Small color kolam . free hand kolam , easy to draw..Smile


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Very neatly and nicely drawn

Very neatly and nicely drawn wonderful design...

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Very stylish design..looks

Very stylish design..looks nice

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Lovely design.....

Lovely design.....

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Very cute and lovely design.

Very cute and lovely design.

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lovely design mam

lovely design mam

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Very artistic designing -

Very artistic designing - executed very neatly too!

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Lovely design...d shaded

Lovely design...d shaded portions r so nice...

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Lovely design..

Lovely design..

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nice wk anita

nice wk anita

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Very stylish design, neat

Very stylish design, neat done.

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anitha noce design

anitha noce design

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Looks like a mehandi design

Looks like a mehandi design - very good symmetry and you seem to be a good artist too..

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cute simple kolam... very

cute simple kolam... very artisic...

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Beautiful and artistically

Beautiful and artistically done design

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so sweet!-suguna murugesan

so sweet!-suguna murugesan