ammuchandhini's picture

hai to all ...this design created by vasanthy mam was done by me on d floor...hope u like it...



Lata's picture

Beautifully executed! I can't believe how fast you had uploaded this one (the very next day!) Smile

brindhanagesh's picture

beautiful, perfect and symmetrical moreover very fast, Rani!

rajamma_2's picture

Rani, it is not copy cat kolam but 'Copy Puli" kolam. So perfect, nicely drawn with all the intricate work done in the original. Vasanthi will be proud to have a Shishyai like you.Hatas off to your speed also!

lakshmiraghu's picture

rani lovely kolam...sooooo fast!!... great !! beautiful strokes/outer border design....keep itup.

ammuchandhini's picture

thank u latha,brinda,rajamma mam and lakshmi for ur views....

nithyaashok's picture

Very nice and exact as like vasanthi's mehanti design, i too done the same except the outer broder, let me see how mine has come out, pls. do comment on my kolam on the same design, i faced some problem in uploading, let me try again to upload

ammuchandhini's picture

hai nithya...thanks...i am waiting to see ur upload...still u r facing problem in uploading ur kolam...have u reduced ur file indu mam had pointed out....

viji_j86's picture

hats off dear.
Fentastic work. Then why dont you try the design one done here as like throne?
Come on do it yar.

chandy's picture

Wonderful. Appreciate your patience also!

vasanthidlr's picture

hi ammuchandini ,i feel happy on seeing my design in the kolam form.thank u.due to chcken guinea fever iam not able to put kolam in the ground due to severe back ache.on seeing ur kolam ifelt happy.

jkmrao's picture

Really beautiful!

Regards! - mOhana

Rajusree's picture

Wow, thats wonderful Rani maam. Very well drawn and its really beautiful.

ammuchandhini's picture

thank u viji mam,chandy,vasanthy mam,jkm sir,and padma....vasanthy take care of ur health....i am praying here for ur speedy recovery...

subashini's picture

Rani ,your kolam comes out very well.

aichumohan's picture

ma'am it looks so beautifull.... that mangs design is so beautifull.... we can also draw it has mehendi too Smile looks very neat and awesome....

Padma Prakash's picture

Rani Nice replica kolam. Done it very neat within a short time. Finally you diverted from your regular friday/tuesday kolams to copy cat kolams. People ask change you know.

alameluranganath's picture

superb and gud design. nice done chandini

sjnt's picture

Looks very nice and ornamental Rani.

dibbutn's picture

Wow Rani maam u have done full justice to the kolam with ur beautiful work... very well done

toindhu's picture

Beautiful work looks exactly same, very perfect replica. love it.

jayamohan's picture

Rani, this is a new attempt from you. Very nice and different from your regular kolams! Good job!

ammuchandhini's picture

thank u subhashini mam,aichu,padma,alamelu mam, jayanthi mam,pushpa, indu mam and jaya mam....thanks again

judelined's picture

OMG Rani - something like this from you is really welcome. The symmetry is perfect and the detailing is wonderful. Excellent work - making me more eager to see the original now. I am sure you can create more designs like this on your own. Come on Rani, give it to us Smile

anirudh's picture

ammuji prefect in all ways...too good. just your kaavi is missing Smile

ammuchandhini's picture

thank u judy and anirudh...actually i had a deal with brinda to do this design with only just plain white kolam maavu..thats why didn't use kavi...

Vinci's picture

Excellent!!! Supero Super..

Padma karthik's picture

Nice one. The fine design makes it wonderful.

ammuchandhini's picture

thank u vinci mam and padma mam....