meet kolam

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Hi friends these were the kolams drawn during the ikolam karnival Bangalore meet.

Rangoli: meet kolam


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very familiar padi kolam...thanks for sharing...pushpa mam kaivannam thaane...

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nice one you have all the small maavu kolams, which were srawn till the door? may be a collage of them would be good to share....and the bigger one also Smile

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very neat & cute kolam

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Nice padi kolam.

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nice maa kolam. thanks for sharing.

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Ammu maam no this was not done by me... it was done either by Sudha maam or someone from her family... she means these were the kolams that were drawn by them for the ikolam meet not during the meet or from the visiting ikolam members and pls Ammu maam call me Pushpa

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Sudha maam simple and pretty kolam... All these kolams I missed when I came cos they were distorted by the time I came

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Nice kolam.

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cute maa kolam...-Indira

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Very neat work Sudha Smile