marghazi dew drops 2009-2010

Very nicely drawn pongal kolam. Dotted kolam at the top looks good too, and so do the turmeric plants and the lamps. The only reason we couldn't include this kolam in the contest was because you had uploaded this kolam a few days after the deadline, when the voting was going on. It was too late by then. This year, for the contest, we did not include rangolis that were received late (2 rangolis), and rangolis that were enhanced using photoshop (3 entries). I can tell you are a dedicated rangoli artist, and hope you will continue to post your lovely creations here. :)
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Heyyyyy Lata and Lakshmi here is a sailing sugarcanes( boat shaped), enjoy otherwise the kolam is good. I liked the dotted kolam very much
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It is also doing aramandi and namaskaram. :)
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Very nice, the sikku kolam is so cute
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Nice and colourful kolam Lakshmi - neatly done:)
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Beautiful pongal pot with lovely decoration...oh!! this time sugar canes doing kolatam!!!very nice...2ommorow??SUGARCANE WEEK i think...keep it up
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It looks as though both the sugarcanes are in competition in tasting the pongal. cute pullikolam at the entrance.. rajamma
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nice beautiful pongal kolams...the turmeric plants looks like pigglet from 'Winne the Poo' ;)
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Grand Pongal Pot with sugarcane and turmeric
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