Marghazhi kolam - 13

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Hello.... Hope all are busy with Marghazhi kolams. This an another kolam made by me for Marghazhi.. Your views plz...

Rangoli: Marghazhi kolam - 13


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Wow, Jasree mam. Very beautiful kolam and a different pattern too for me. I liked it. May be I'll try it once.


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Different type of Seetha kolam, neatly drawn. green coloring add the beauty.rajamma

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Simple kolam made so beautiful with d outer extensions and d green col jasree....lovely...

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The basic kolam in green is called 'seetha kondai'. You have beautified the 'kondai' further with clips and flowers!

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Jayanthi maam a very nice kolam and a different type of kolam as well... looks good

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you always come out with ur 100% originality i suppose, superb

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HI Jayanthy, always you give new and creative visual treats. How many designs you have in your mind. Always you come with some new stuff. How do you make time ? Hats off to your creativity.

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Excellent kolam. The green colour is very pleasing to the eyes. The outer extensions are attractive.
(I also know this kolam, with a little difference).

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Very pretty and neat and different too! Super

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your kolam looks fantastic well done with your neat strokes and a good green colour in the middle...

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crispy kolam looks very beautiful

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very nice and beautiful gud one superb

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Attractively done Jayanthi - a very pretty green...

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Beautiful design well made. Green colour and the line shading gives a sophisticated look.

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lovely design with nice green color.

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Thanks to all for the lovely comments.......

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Very nice design with beautiful green color.

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beautiful kanya kolam.

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very super kolam mam

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Novel colouring and lovely work!

Regards! - mOhana

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Lovely. Beautiful decorations to the basic design, Appealing work.