Margazhi Utsavam Day-23


Fridends, I drew this chikku kolam today. It has 21 dots 5 lines centre, 13 dots 4 lines both sides, 5 dots 4 lines both sides (21-15-5). Ur views pls. Smile

Rangoli: Margazhi Utsavam Day-23


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wow gomathi asusual kalakkal pa...simple and beautiful :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

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Asathal kolam Gomathi. very beautiful.


Thank u so much sugu n chitra mam. Smile

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Wow...very neatly done kolam d centre flower a real one or reel one...which image editor u used pa...looks so lovely...naanum valentines dayku...nerrayya pottruven like this in my kolam...haha Wink :bigsmile:


Reel flowers than Rani. :love: Nokia x2-02 Mobile phone la iruka image editor rani. Edit photo la, Add clip art option use pannen pa. Smile

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Oh thanks a lot pa Smile


Wink Biggrin :bigsmile:


Lataji, Thank u very much for making my gallery viewable. Thanks a lot mam. Smile

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You are most welcome and thank you for being so patient regarding your gallery. Biggrin

Your comment about my lack of comments in your kolams made me laugh! :bigsmile: Actually more than the comment, the timing of you writing about the same was quiet impeccable! I remember commenting on someone else's rangoli, and then pondering over what to write in one of your rangolis (it was the pencil drawn one on request for another member). Since it was already 11:30pm for me, I felt sleepy and so decided to write my thoughts the next day, and so shut down my system...went to bed. I have the habit of checking the site again from my bed using my cell, which I did, and what do you think I find? Your comment about me not commenting on your rangolis! :bigsmile: Fool :tired: Impeccable timing, isn't it!? :beer: :love:

Anyways, here is what I have seen so far from your end. You have been a member for close to five years. You have treated us with your designs in the first couple of years during the margazhi timings. But then you vanished for a long time! :bigsmile: I wonder why you abandoned ikolam for such a long time? And then all of a sudden there are rangolis pouring down from you day after day and so are your lovely comments for everyone else! :love: Biggrin
I see that you are an expert in making all kinds of rangolis - freehand, dotted style, chikku, and digital too. It was so sweet of you to share your mom's design as well. In my mind, I have named you "Sakalakalavalli", for the lack of a better name! :bigsmile:
In short, you make beautiful intricate designs and vary your style easily between freehand and chikku. Question is; will you continue to share your work after the Margazhi season is over, YEAR AFTER YEAR!? Biggrin

I guess it is now your turn to comment. :bigsmile:

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a bright bold biggggggggg sikku kolam with rose buds,,, awesome creation

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what a crispy strokes and design..loks sooo fresh and lovely..keep it up

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Wow...Very beautiful chikku kolam Gomathi. So well done with nice and uniform strokes. :star: :star: :star:

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Very nice chikku kolam. Clear and clean for learning. Thanks for posting. Smile