Margazhi rangoli

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About Margazhi rangoli:

Simple freehand rangoli.

Rangoli: Margazhi rangoli


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Simple kolam but beautiful colouring. Annapoorani, if you go thru my gallery you will find so many morning raaga kolams, most of them are 7-4 and 9-4 dotted ones, Instead of connecting the adjuscent dots straight, I put the lines around the dots to creat a design.I'll do one such to make you try in my next upload.

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Madam, if you go to my gallery and click "designer kolam with dots" caption dated 08/09/2011, wherein I have given demonstration of creating designs with dots, which will enable you to use your imagination to create new new designs. Smile

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Beautiful one... I liked the way you have made intricate patterns in this kolam