Margazhi rangoli

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About Margazhi rangoli:


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its very nice

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its very nice i liked it can u give more kolam plese

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Lata, IN Gallery - lata Kalaimani rangolis is not opening ?? is this problem to me or to all pl check..... Lakshmi

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Smile This afternoon even lata kalaimani couldn't open anything in her folder Lakshmi!

But then, came to know that it worked fine in IE (Internet explorer). I always worked with Firefox more than Internet explorer. And, later on it just worked fine in Firefox looks like it has to do with the browser.
I'll be more concerned if it didn't open anyone else's folder Smile
Just to update you...I didn't upload anything in my folder in a long long time Sad

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very very nice.
IS there any software for this?

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Looks very pretty. I liked the colour combination very much.

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Wow...such a beautiful one...thanks sowmi for finding this ...seems there r so many hidden pokkishams(fortune) here in d older posts...haha...shd start digging...:)