Margazhi kolangal

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These margazhi freehand kolams were drawn by me at my mother's house. Yours views...

Rangoli: Margazhi kolangal


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WoW!! Neat stroke has done the magic.. Spacing of lines more or less looks equal. Good work...

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Super kolam, very nice and very neat

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This wavy kolam is drawn very neatly. As vinci said, the spacing of ezhai is very steady. with outer extension it look more beautiful. This type of ezhai kolams are best suited for wet maakolam

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hai malar...awesome kambi kolams...

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Though this looks simple difficult to copy. I love these kolams.

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very neat and lovely kambi kolams.

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Nice diligent work, may be one more colour would have added contrast.

Regards! - mOhana

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cryspy kolam looks very very nice malar....

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nice designs

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Malar, I liked the first one verrrry much. அம்மா வீட்டில் நிதானமாக கோலம் போட டைம் கிடைக்கிற மாதிரி இருக்கு. Make use of it.

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Malar maam both the kolams are wonderful and so neatly done ...

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wow... wow... wow... Malar - fantastic work - I am so happy to see such pretty work from you. I think your baby is bigger now so you have some time to spare and you are treating us with good creations - thanks a ton Smile